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IKEA MARKUS Armrest Replacement - BLACK

IKEA MARKUS Armrest Replacement - BLACK

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Upgrade Your IKEA MARKUS Chair with this Comfy and Functional Armrest Replacement

Upgrade your IKEA MARKUS office chair with this armrest replacement that's designed for both comfort and functionality. This complete armrest replacement is 2 inches / 54 mm lower than the original armrest, providing you with the perfect height to allow you to sit cross-legged with ease. The wide armrest is designed to give you enough space to comfortably rest your arms, while the low profile ensures that it won't interfere with your desk.

The armrest replacement is easy to install, and you won't need any additional hardware to do so. Simply unscrew the original armrest and attach this armrest using the same screws. The product comes as a pair, with a left and right side included.

Crafted by designer Dickson Chow, this armrest replacement is the perfect accessory for your MARKUS chair. The simple installation process, combined with the wide armrest and lower profile, makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking to upgrade their office chair.


  • Lowered by 2 inches/54 mm to provide a more comfortable arm position
  • Wide armrest design allows for comfortable resting of arms
  • Provides enough clearance for sitting cross-legged
  • Low profile allows armrests to clear the table
  • Easy installation using existing screws - no extra hardware required


Plastic, 3D Printed.

Dickson Chow


Installation Instructions:

1. Remove your existing armest and set aside the screws.

2. Put the armrest on the chair and put in the screws.

3. Enjoy!


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