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FR1 - Silent Heatsink & Case for Raspberry Pi 4B

FR1 - Silent Heatsink & Case for Raspberry Pi 4B

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*** This is a heatsink & case kit only. Raspberry Pi 4B computer not included. ***


Perfect for Prototyping and 100% Silent

The FR1 is a silent heatsink and case kit for the Raspberry Pi 4B. The microforged aluminium heatsink provides ample passive cooling for running the Pi at full power while the 3D printed case allows full access to the GPIO pins and camera port. The bottom plate and rubber feet protect the Pi and your table.

Note: FR1 provides full access to the GPIO and camera port but DSI port is blocked.

Dickson Chow



1x FR1 Heat Sink (Black)

1x FR1 Top Frame (Black)

1x FR1 Bottom Plate (Black)

1x Thermal Pad

4x Hex Screws (Black)

4x Hex Nut (Black)

4x Rubber Feet


Installation Instructions: 



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