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CM1 - Silent Heatsink Kit for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4

CM1 - Silent Heatsink Kit for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4

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*** This is a heatsink kit only. Compute Module 4 and IO Board not included. ***

Silent and High Performance

The CM1 is a silent, fanless, passive heatsink kit for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4. We like our quiet time and attaining the best performance possible so we designed this kit to have the best of both worlds.

The heatsink is made of microforged aluminum with fins that are designed with maximum surface area. The tall square fins allow ambient airflow to pass in all directions and are well suited for natural convection.

The 3D printed mounting bracket is designed to not interfere with the WiFi signal and provides enough clearance for an external u.FL antenna to be installed.

Dickson Chow



1x CM1 Passive Heat Sink (Black)

1x CM1 Mounting Bracket (Black)

1x Thermal Pad

4x Hex Screws (Black)

4x Hex Nut (Black)

4x Shim Washer (Black)

4x Nylon Washer


COMPATIBILITY (Tested by us):

Fits all compute module variants (WiFi, eMMC).

Official Compute Module 4 IO board

DFRobot CM4 IoT Router Board (SKU DFR0767)

*** We designed the CM1 within Raspberry Pi CM4 mechanical specs and should fit on other 3rd party IO boards but we aren't able to test them all so try at your own risk. We'd love to hear what 3rd party boards you are using! ***


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