FR1 Installation Instructions

Tools you'll need

Something to clean the CPU and heatsink.  I use Kimwipes.

Isopropyl alcohol.


Hex screw driver.

Tweezers - optional.

Tools Needed



Gather The Parts In Your Kit

1x FR1 Heatsink + Top Frame

1x FR1 Bottom Plate

1x Thermal pad

4x Hex screw

4x Hex nuts

4x Rubber Feet (not pictured)


FR1 Parts



Step 1

Clean the Raspberry Pi CPU and heatsink with isopropyl alcohol.



Step 2

Cut the thermal pad packaging.

Peel one side of the plastic.

Stick the thermal pad onto the CPU.

Peel the other side of the plastic.



Step 3

Press the hex nuts into the bottom plate.



Step 4

Put the Raspberry Pi onto the bottom plate. Align the corners. Then put the heatsink and top bracket on the Raspberry Pi. Align corners.



Step 5

Put in the screws in from the top through the top frame all the way down. You might need to wiggle the screws a little to slide it in all the way through.



Step 6

Screw down the screws. Don’t over tighten. Screw down until there is no gap between the top frame, Raspberry Pi board and bottom plate.



Step 7

Stick the rubber feet on to the bottom plate.




Inspect each side to make sure everything looks right. Done!