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SQ1 Case for Raspberry Pi 4B

Meet SQ1 - a sleek, silent case for Raspberry Pi 4B. With a microforged aluminum heatsink, enjoy fanless, passive cooling even when overclocking. Perfectly minimalist, SQ1 complements your setup effortlessly.

Beautiful & Clean Design

Experience fanless, silent, and passive cooling for your Raspberry Pi 4B with the SQ1 case and heatsink kit. The minimalist design features a microforged aluminum heatsink optimized for passive, convection cooling, allowing you to overclock your Pi without worry. The 3D-printed matte finish case includes rubber feet to protect your workspace and complements your other audiovisual equipment. Designed by Dickson Chow, the SQ1 is the perfect addition to any tech enthusiast's or professional's setup.

Check out Leepspvideo's review to see why the SQ1 is the perfect addition to your setup.

Designer: Dickson Chow

What's In The Box

1x SQ1 Heat Sink (Black)
1x SQ1 Top Frame (Black)
1x SQ1 Bottom Plate (Black)
1x SQ1 IO Plate (Black)
4x SQ1 Panels (White)
1x Thermal Pad
4x Hex Screws (Black)
4x Hex Nut (Black)
4x Rubber Feet